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Life wasn't always this easy...


I grew up consuming all of the conventional “typical American” things. I ate cheap meat from the grocery story. I scoffed at organic food and bagged everything in plastic. I used disposable plates and napkins and went through rolls and rolls of paper towels. I popped Tylenol, Ny-Quil, and Pepto-Bismal for everything and anything. I never read labels or thought about what I was putting in or on my body. Nor did I ever think twice about tossing trash.

I was completely oblivious and ignorant to the planet’s problems. I didn’t connect health problems with the products I used and the food I consumed. Overweight, acne-prone, and intense PMS were just the outside factors; I had no idea how those products could be impacting me in ways I couldn’t see.

And then I read a book about the zero-waste lifestyle. A fire was lit in my heart. I started learning everything I could - about creating waste, using plastic, organic food, over-consuming, veganism, and the products I was using on my body. I read books, watched documentaries, searched online. I felt overwhelmed. There was
so much to learn. Where to begin? How do I know which sources to trust? Which changes do I need to make first? 

I wanted to do it all. I tried to change everything at once. I felt like there was so much to learn and do and change and I wasn’t doing anything right.

So I stopped for a second and took a breath. I made a plan and long term goals. I started taking it one step at a time. I researched, researched, researched. Trial and error, trial and error, trial and error.

Years later into this journey and I now have a vast array of knowledge under my belt - about how our waste and plastic use impacts the planet, how the food we consume impacts everything from the bees to the farmers to our bodies to the planet, and how the health and beauty products we choose impact
every system in our bodies.

I don’t blink an eye over the changes I’ve made. It’s become second-nature to reach for reusables, find a way around choosing plastic, and knowing which products are safe to use on my body. I feel confident, at ease, and have enough energy -  like I actually can do it all.

Have you felt overwhelmed and not sure how to take the next step on this journey? Are you unsure of which products are safe to use? Do you feel like you're already too exhausted to consider switching to reusables, hang drying laundry, and bringing your own jars to the grocery store? Are composting and growing your own food daunting tasks?

It's time to stop and breathe. 

Come join me in this community of aspiring ecoholics and learn about local food, holistic health, and the low-waste/plastic-free lifestyle. Contact me and I'll help get you plugged in to the resources and support you need - we'll take it one manageable step at a time. 


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